Muslim Man Praying

Well, it’s that time of year again! Ramadan’s just around the corner, and chaos is present as everything comes into question. My faith, identity, and integrity have always been at war with each other within my self. The struggle of the duality of mind and heart, desires and sacrifices, hope and death has ever been present in my life but in the Holy month of Ramadan, dualities amplify and the questioning of my integrity and character come into play and the whole world ceases to exist for me as I devel deep into my self.

In Ramadan, one gives up food and drink from sunrise to sunset, as a sacrifice for one’s soul, to gain the pleasure of Allah (The Worshiped). Though for me it goes deeper than that. In this month, I am conscious of my thoughts, speech, and actions and heavily invested in self-inquiry, to better develop my character and moral standards. In doing so I have found that more peace and joy arise within me and contentment is ever present.
Isolation has become a friend to me in times of tribulation, and when isolation is combined with the greatest purpose of all, “getting to know who you are”, there is no telling what greatness will come forth out of the depths of your being.

The Unkown can never be known, though we all experience it in our own way. It is the birthplace of all great emotion like love, peace, and contentment but it is also the chasm of chaos, uncertainty, and fear. You can call me “I”.